FAQ Glossary

The introductory rank. All new members who join receive the rank of Groupie. Most who stay will remain Groupie. It is the rank of the casual user.
A member who has been elevated above lowly Groupie status. This member has distinguished themselves by contributing to the site through quality torrent posts, helpful comments and suggestions in the forums, and generally contributing to the site.
Peddlers are the driving force behind the site. These prolific Divas have a proven track records of posting quality original or unique content to the site in abundance. These vice merchants are dedicated to providing the site with the most depraved and sought-after perversions at the fastest rate their upload pipes can handle.
Site moderators. These soulless agents of the dark side have been entrusted with enforcing site rules on Webop, and will gladly act as bouncer by introducing you to the curb.
They wield the power. If you wish to ask a favour of a Producer, make sure you have shown proper respect. Bribes help. Strippers, hookers and high-grade booze are a good start. If you have offended, be prepared to make amends.
An automated share ratio control. It compares your total amount download against your ratio and determines whether or not to limit your tracker access.
If you download files of a freeleech torrent, only your uploads towards other users will be added to your balance, not your downloads.